The “brand promise audit” is a key feature of the scouting process, designed to position your company to land big sales.   It’s a mandatory feature of your business development strategy!

The brand promise audit focuses on how a small company can hone its message to market so as to be distinctive.  In far too many cases, what seems distinctive to you is the same message that many of your competitors are also expressing.  And your sales potential is directly linked to your brand promise!

Here’s one example of what I mean–actual brand promises from Call Center companies.  These statements are repeated on multiple websites among competitors in this industry:

  • We are a partner with you.
  • We react quickly to changes.
  • We promise excellent service.
  • Our product/service is cost effective.
  • We have a courteous, well-trained staff.
  • Our processes are certified.
  • Our company is an industry leader.
  • We exceed your expectations.
  • We are ROI-driven.
  • We deliver on time and on budget.
  • We are innovative.

Two things that you should notice.  One–all of these statements are about “we” and “our company.”  There is absolutely no attention to the customer whatsoever.  Two–the statements do not in any way signify what is the product or service that “our company” offers!

Today, I visited a website revision just launched by Avocet Communications in the Denver market.  President Lori Jones is a Certified Whale Hunter, and her company has practiced The Whale Hunters Process for about two years.

Here’s the text on their home page:

Customer Count Builders
Features and Benefits

You’ve heard it and heard it; Features and Benefits (F&B), it’s an advertising agency axiom. Stress the benefits.

So here it goes >>

Big O Tires
Avocet developed the “Little O” Power Continuity™ integrated advertising program for Big O Tires including television, radio, print, billboard and online advertising.
Benefit: 43% increase in sales, 27% increase in car count and a major market share shift.

Arc Thrift Stores
Arc Thrift Stores also benefited with Avocet’s Power Continuity™ program. Since the initiation of the integrated, multi media advertising campaign including television, radio, in-store, special event and Website advertising.

Benefit:  Increased sales per customer and revenue through a 35% bump in customer count.

Your firm will benefit also.

This is a simple, clean, clear message entirely focused on the customer.  What business is Avocet Communications in?  “Build your customer count.”  It’s totally focused on the outcomes; not at all on the inputs.  No features; all benefits.

What do you think about your own brand promise?  If you post it here, you can get some feedback!