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Big Growth Summit

The Whale Hunters serve the leaders of B2B companies in all industries who want to grow your business with enterprise accounts–bigger deals with bigger customers.

Are you ready to move beyond survival mode and into transformation? Join us for the Big Growth Summit, August 25-36, a virtual conference for business leaders–CXO, VP, Team Leaders and Business Developers in sales, marketing and strategy. We’ve put together a world-class roster of speakers and a highly engaging platform with interactive sponsor and exhibitor booths, tech-enabled video meet-ups and meet-by-request capabilities that rival any conference lobby or bar (BYOB). You’ll also find free-flowing participant discussion groups on timely topics. Master host Alice Heiman is Networker-in-Chief so you’ll definitely get involved!  As a friend of The Whale Hunters, use discount code TWH50 for 50% off any ticket. Register  here.

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Big Growth Summit

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