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How to Overcome 3 Obstacles to a Success Mindset

By May 29, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments

Monica Flores, founder of A Successful Woman, invited me to write three guest posts for her blog this week.  Monica and I are both columnists for theWomen on Business blog, which is owned by Susan Gunelius.

One of Monica’s most important goals is to encourage business women to have a “success mindset” or orientation.  If we live with the idea that we are successful, are moving towards success, are capable of success and are worthy of success, we are a long way towards greater achievement.

I wrote about three obstacles to a mindset for success, which Monica published this week:

Breaking the Minnow Mindset  How to match your thinking to your progress.

Overcome the Culture of Scarcity  How to live in a culture of abundance.

Overcome This Sluggish Economy  How your inner attitude influences your opportunities.

Thank you, Monica, for hosting me on my virtual blog tour!  [Which, by the way, is to promote my newest book, Whale Hunting Women, Volume I, available in eBook version at and soon to be available in print.]