The push for Q4 Sales

The fourth quarter of the business year begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Finally, everyone is home from vacation.  Kids are back in school.  The bookends of summer–Memorial Day and Labor Day–are now closed.  People will return your phone calls, meetings can be scheduled, and work can move on.

What business development plans do you have to ensure your 4th quarter success?

It’s not the time to rush willy-nilly into chasing whatever leads come in the door.  Rather, it’s a time to increase your discipline in identifying, pursuing, closing, and serving your next big customers.  Your sales process and sales management practices are more important now than ever.

Here are some Q4 success ideas from The Whale Hunters:


  • Review goals for Q4 with your team.
  • Be certain that everyone agrees the goals can be accomplished with proper focus.
  • Manage against those goals on a weekly basis.


  • Review your target filter and apply it ruthlessly.  Only go after business that is a very good fit for you.
  • Step up your efforts to learn about whale-sized prospects and create detailed dossiers.


  • Implement process steps and review your team’s performance against those steps.  Be in charge of your company’s sales process to ensure results.
  • Propose whale-sized solutions to whale-sized problems.
  • Engage your entire team in pitching business and designing solutions


  • Focus on providing exceptional service to your current customers.
  • Celebrate your current customers and let them know that you celebrate them.

A few whale hunting process reminders to send you on your way to a strong finish for the year.  Would love to hear your favorite Q4 strategies and tactics!


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