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Whale Hunting and Leadership

By August 31, 2010December 29th, 2015No Comments

One of The Whale Hunters’ new Certified Partners, Roslyn Courtney, blogs at Leadership Pundit: Success in the New Economy. Her new article Whale Hunter Leaders is about the role of small business in growing the economy and how Whale Hunting can help.

Roslyn writes,

“Early into my Whale Hunting boot camp (I’m now certified), I knew that this approach can make a dramatic difference in our struggling economy. Companies with big aspirations often lack the magical ingredients for success – the best methodology to target growth, the process, and the leadership to pursue it effectively. These companies need to create a new management strategy for business development so they can spot and land much bigger clients. They need a methodology to evaluate and seek out the companies that will be most interested in their products or services. They need specific skills to know when they have spotted a suitable whale and the best time to hunt it. They need to understand how whales think and work. They need to understand the return on the investment they will make to successfully land big accounts and continue to grow them.”

There’s more about the business development strategy known as whale hunting.

Thanks, Roz, for an insightful article about whale hunter leaders, and best wishes as you develop your Whale Hunters practice