Keyboard with key for customer engagement

You need some MOO! At least that’s what Shawn Graham writes in his recent Fast Company article about customer engagement. He highlights an excellent example from showing how even an auto-response from a robot can have personality. You’ve seen it all the time, you order something online and the email response is some short, bland response. Not with! They view even this first touch after your purchase as an opportunity to continue building a relationship with their customer.

Customer engagement is not a new concept. It’s also not limited to social media and marketing (although we hear it a lot in that space). Customer engagement is part of good business basics. Customer service. Trust. Business Development.

We teach companies that each client interaction with each individual in your organization can build trust or destroy it. Each instance, each person can have an impact. Do you consider each “touch” with a client a business development opportunity? Just as with try to think about all the ways that you can make a personal touch with your clients. Try sitting down with your team to create a list of each possible touch with clients. The day-to-day communications with current clients can matter most. Don’t lose sight of these sales opportunities. You can find another example of exemplary customer service in the blog post by Scott Stratten titled “The Three Billion Dollar Cleaning Man.”

Building trust and expanding your relationship with whale-sized clients is another way to grow your revenue. The personal touch is key! Make sure to empower your team to make each outreach to current clients with care. We teach companies a very similar concept with a tool called The Trust Cycle that has six elements.

Don’t think for a second that you’ll keep this whale-client because you landed the big, initial sale. Your team needs to be accessible, reliable, and flexible. Business is about people, relationships. An authentic email. Thoughtful phone call. Focusing on them. All of these things will go a long way to building trust and growing your revenue potential.