Sales Process


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In The Whale Hunters Process(tm), we define “harpooning” as “getting close” to the whale.  The Harpooner is not the only one involved in completing a sale, but he or she is the one who gets in the door and gets the whale’s attention.

We’ve also explained that in whale hunting, the harpooner couldn’t simply hurl a harpoon at the whale–he needed often to leave the safety of the boat and get right on the back of the whale.

You can see from this picture of an Indonesian whale hunt what a risky endeavor that was!  They’ve paid a lot to launch this boat (preparation, opportunity cost, supporting the harpooner with subject matter experts).

The lesson in all this: before you sail out of the boat to connect with the whale, be certain that you are ready.  That means

  • ready to get the whale’s attention with your message
  • ready to ask strategic questions
  • ready to allay the whale’s fears
  • ready to ride the whale until it aligns with you
  • ready to send it back to baja at signs of impending failure
  • ready to harvest and celebrate the whale

Have you got a story about leaping too soon? Would love to have your comment.