• Gary S. Hart says:

    Barbara, maybe we can start a wave of quality engagement. In today’s world, personal engagement through teamwork seems to have declined at the expense of individualism. Our individuality does not have suffered from sharing. On the contrary, sharing is how we grow in every area of life, especially business.

    I was raised with the belief that when everyone does well, I do well, and, when everyone does better, I do better. Although this philosophy seems antithetical to capitalism, it is the grease that keeps free enterprise moving smoothly.

    • Hi Gary,
      Thanks for posting! You and I are in agreement. A wave of quality engagement would be great! People need great tools and tactics as well as clear expectations to promote teamwork–often it is perceived to be too complicated, or to take too long. So the team needs to learn how to work fast and cooperatively at the same time. Requires different leadership practices.

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