• I have completely agreed on this excellent article. This article is timely great and important. The SME was a great tool in helping a good business better focus and intensify the execution of our newly revised strategy. We had been growing so quickly, we didn’t realize people weren’t working together (and keeping up) as effectively as possible—it was in fact slowing us down, confusing us and confusing our dealers. The SME was a great way to objectively identify the most critical issues and engage the team in fixing it! I like this particular article it gives us an additional input on the information around the world Thanks a lot and keep going with posting such information.

  • Jack Miller says:

    This is a very cogent article. As a consultant I have witnessed senior executive’s strong belief that a single salesperson can change the course of their business. More complex sales now involve departments that previously had no say. No longer can Whales be landed based solely on a saleperson’s relationship with the prospect. The biggest sales require multiple people to be engaged with the prospects at various levels.

    A well planned and executed effort to sell a prospect is now a function of several not one person.

  • Barbara Weaver Smith says:

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree completely with your experiences, and I know that the senior executive or leadership team has to get behind a team-sale concept in order for it to be successful.

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