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How Top Sellers Use LinkedIn

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Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code

I highly recommend Jill Konrath and Ardeth Albee’s new eBook: Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code.

When The Whale Hunters work with our clients, we always encourage the leadership team and subject matter experts to create and/or improve their LinkedIn profile and activities. Few are coming even close to capturing the value in the network.

That’s where this book comes in. Based on a survey of 3094 sellers, the authors identify ┬áthe ways Top Sellers use LinkedIn to generate business. Finally some real, reliable data about this practice!

This short but idea-packed how-to book shows you what it takes to make LinkedIn a “strategic prospecting tool” for your business. Your company size, industry, location, product or services etc. have little to do with your success. Rather, you can learn to generate business with LinkedIn by following the eight action steps that these authors learned from their valuable research.

This is not hard or complicated. It only requires that you put some steps in place and get a little time regularly on your calendar.

The eBook is free–get yours today and make it available to your team!