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How to Get Your Green Light (and Stop the Fear)

By January 24, 2011No Comments
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In a recent article on, Tom Black gave this piece of advice:  Understand the sales process. A sale happens, he says, when there’s a transfer of feeling and when you bring people to a point of decision. Of course, we’re all about sales process, but sometimes, even when you’ve done everything right you get stuck. You’ve done all your homework, made the sales calls, given a great presentation, completed all the necessary follow up and then your prospect becomes… a fence sitter! Getting to the point of decision is key. And the faster the better! I want to know if I’ve got a red light or green light. Period. If it’s a red light, I’m on my way!

Let’s say you can’t get to that point however, what do you do? The more anxious or desperate you get, the weaker your position. Usually if you’ve come this far and are now stalled, it’s for one reason:  they are afraid!

In The Whale Hunters Process™, we help small businesses preempt this problem with what we call “Fear Busters.” These are tangible tools to present during the first steps of your sales process to stop your prospect’s fears or alleviate them.

Mark Stevens recently wrote an article, again for Entrepreneur, in which he says:

“Led by the rules of traditional selling, the tendency is to try to entice fence-sitters with sales, deals, special offers, etc., but I say no to that. Find the fear, and demonstrate through a firm rebuttal that the object of concern is really a paper tiger.”

I love that! I’ve been learning a lot from Dr. Weaver Smith lately about Dan Sullivan and the Strategic Coach method. One of my biggest lessons has been to not be a “make-a-deal” salesperson. Don’t let the “fence-sitters” force you to diminish the value of your product or service. Don’t let their fear make you run scared!

So, learn what tools to present and have rebuttals prepared to get either your red light or better yet, your green light, and move on to the next step in your sales process.

This Thursday we are hosting a webinar to titled “How Big Companies Buy.” Dr. Weaver Smith will be covering how to discover who is at the buyers table, how to get past the gatekeepers, and how to craft a winning proposal. I invite all of you to join us!