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Whale Hunters Wisdom Among Top 52 Blogs on Sales Efficiency

By August 12, 2014December 18th, 2015No Comments

AwardIt was nice today to see the Whale Hunters Wisdom blog included in the list of top blogs covering sales efficiency announced by Docurated, a sales and marketing productivity platform.

If you want to find some outstanding sales blogs to follow, I highly recommend this list. Several of my colleagues from Sales Shebang made the list, including Jill Konrath, Joanne Black, Trish Bertuzzi, Nancy Nardin, Colleen Francis, Barb Giamanco, and Lori Richardson.

Several other of my favorite bloggers as well including Jim Keenan, Anthony Iannarino, Robert Terson, Mike Kunkle–and quite a few more.

This article is not just a simple list. There’s a screen shot of each blog, a short bio of the author, and links to three posts especially selected for the “sales efficiency” topic. Nice work, Cóbhan Phillipson.  And thanks for including me!

P.S. If you have trouble keeping track of your sales and marketing document materials–from graphs and charts to white papers–check out Docurated–they have a solution!