ravenHi Whale Hunters.  Each Sunday I am posting a podcast for a little inspiration for the coming week.  This week it’s about ravens.  In the Whale Hunting lore, the raven is a friend to the shaman (sales manager/VP)–someone who is very interested in your getting the deal that you are currently proposing.

A raven may be internal to the prospect company–an internal champion who clearly wants you to win the business.  Or the raven may be an influencer of key decision makers within the prospect company.  Still another kind of raven is a current or past customer who is willing to be an advocate and key reference for you.

Whatever the relationship, ravens are priceless.  As you may know, The Whale Hunters do NOT believe in cold calling.  Rather, we believe in systematically deploying a network of contacts to find a warm introduction.  The best introduction comes from a raven.

Listen to my podcast about The Care and Feeding of Ravens , and please let me know what you think.  Have a great week!