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Whale Hunting Practice #3: Differentiate Your Rivers in the Ocean

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Rivers in the Ocean

Did you know there are four “rivers” in the ocean?  These are equatorial currents, two flowing with the ocean, only faster; and two flowing against the ocean.  Sailors seek these currents to accelerate and ease their passage when crossing.

We like this analogy to explain your message to the whale market.  Here’s how it works:

First, find your river that flows “with the ocean.”

  • What are the key attributes that all prospective clients would expect from a supplier in your industry?  Those constitute “the ocean.”
  • What are 2 or 3 of those attributes at which your company excels?

Next, find your river that flows “against the ocean.”

  • What are your extraordinary differentiators?
  • What do you do well that your competitors can’t or won’t do?
  • How do you exceed expectations in remarkable ways?

We recommend that your team work together on this exercise, poring over your website and marketing materials and those of your key competitors.  Often, you will be surprised at the capabilities you discover that you have not been promoting!

I would love to hear key distinctions that you have identified for your company that help you sell big deals to whales–post here please!