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This week’s newsletter is about the excuses that we have for not taking action today on a strategy that we believe in.  No time, not enough money, wrong people, team is not on board yet, etc. etc.  The conversation goes like this:  “As soon as I fix ‘X’, I can move forward.  If you have a plan for serious growth in 2011 and 2012, you simply cannot afford to wait until all the stars align before you get started on implementing a strategy.

My favorite coach, Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach, has a great saying:  “Progress, not perfection.”  Just do something–something sensible, something on your list of things to do–and do it today.  And P.S., The Strategic Coach program provides you with a host of tools to figure out what to do next.  You’ve heard me say before, perhaps the most valuable advice you’ll ever get is for a knowledgeable person–consultant, employee, peer, coach–is the advice to “do this next.”  (and do it now)

I encounter so many companies who are strangling themselves and missing out on great opportunities because they think they have to fix a bunch of stuff first.  At the pace of change in today’s economy, that is a deadly decision.

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