At the start each consulting engagement, the first piece of our process covered with clients is called the Brand Promise Audit. The goal of the exercise is to determine what parts of your brand promise are truly unique. We often find that the majority of brand promises fall into average or above average categories.

We’ve realized over time that this exercise builds the connection between marketing and sales. Basically, what you’re projected out into the market is the first step to your sales process. Now, we understand friction exists in most organizations between sales and marketing. For more on that, check out Barbara’s recent blog post, Why Sales and Marketing Can’t Get Along.

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks. This talk given by Seth Godin about what it means to be truly remarkable is no exception. It speaks to the heart of the brand audit discussion we have so often with our clients. So, plug in those headphones and take a listen! Think about how the first steps to your whale hunt are affected by the messages you put into market. Does your company have a purple cow?

A special thanks to @tcspears for sharing it with me.