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Abundance vs. Scarcity

By October 3, 2008December 29th, 2015No Comments

In Chapter Ten of Whale Hunting, we talk about the traits of a fast-growth culture.  A culture of abundance, not scarcity, comes first.  But it’s hard lately to keep your head in that abundant world when everything around you screams “scarcity” and loss.

So I have a little Whale Hunters advice to offer to your village during these trying days:

  • a culture of abundance is more about perception than about cash.   Can you help your team to believe that they will have the resources they need when they need them?  Involve your team in making sure that resources are available.  Maybe these are nontraditional resources like flexible time schedules, student interns, or early vacations.
  • a culture of abundance is about cooperation, not competition.  Many whales have ordered spending cuts by so much percent, or imposed a hiring freeze, or restricted travel.  These across-the-board measures anger the best people, who know that spending, hiring, and travel decisions should be business case decisions, not blanket mandates.  Whales don’t have the time or capacity to make nuanced decisions about spending, but you do.
  • a culture of abundance is inside your own head, too.  Fear mongers have the stage right now–fear plays well and always draws an audience.  But you have abundant assets and resources–your personal creativity and innovation, your priceless relationships, your energy and commitment to your business or cause, your community standing.

Don’t let yourself be alone.  Surround yourself and your team with an abundance of ideas, collaboration, allies, and planning opportunities