Get Out and Stay Out of The Commodity Trap

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This month’s Expert Series guest is Anthony Iannarino, sales coach and writer of The Sales Blog.  I’ve been following Anthony on Twitter for quite awhile (@iannarino) and have always found his comments right on point.  I subscribed to the blog and was expecially intrigued by his many, many posts about “price” and “cost.”

A lot of The Whale Hunters client companies believe they are playing in a totally price-driven market.  They do not see any opportunities to compete other than on price.  When they lose a deal, they assume they lost it on price.

The problems with that zero-sum game are that there are always limits to how low the market can drive prices (before vendors abandon the market) and that every vendor is vulnerable to price-cutting by any competitor at any time.

So, when I read Anthony’s blog, I find really good insights and explanations as to how company management and sales people can take positive steps to avoid the Commodity Trap.  His insights are completely consistent with Whale Hunting philsophy–increase your confidence through research, preparation, and hard work–know your market, your customers, and your competitors–and constantly seek to add value.

I recommend you subscribe to The Sales Blog.


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