• Alice says:

    Salespeople love to wing it! Some are good enough to get away with it, but most are not. No one likes to take the time to practice but it can make or break a sale. There is nothing better than great preparation and rehearsing for a sales call or big presentation is necessary. The question is how do we get salespeople to do it and how do we give feedback. Everyone is so busy these days and sales managers have many salespeople to manage. I love the Rehearsal platform. It is one great solution to practice with feedback. I am helping Understand.com launch Rehearsal and I have watched numerous companies now use it so effectively. Salespeople can practice on their timeframe and get feedback from their peers or managers no matter where they are in the world. I look forward to the interview and helping sales teams everywhere see how fun and easy Rehearsal can be.

  • Nadia says:

    Barbara – great post! Lately, we’ve been discussing how to prepare for big sales presentations. Your advice on how to practice for these types of presentations is very valid and worth consideration for every B2B sales professional. Thanks for your work.

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