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The Sunday Show: Are You Thinking Too Small?

By January 30, 2011December 30th, 2015No Comments

This week’s Sunday Show takes up a topic that I’m encountering frequently with clients these days.  Entrepreneurs, executives, and sales personnel who had formerly achieved a degree of confidence in their growth potential got really shot down during this recession.  They took whatever business they could find in order to maintain a cash flow and keep people working.  Ignored their Target Filter; let their Sales Process gather dust.  Nothing wrong with that–it’s a smart survival strategy.  But it’s left them gun shy even though business is improving, and worse it’s left them not only feeling small, but sounding small, looking small, and acting small.

Feeling small is natural–especially if you are small in comparison to your competitors and your customers.  But you can control how you sound, how you look, and how you act–and small just doesn’t work for you in those areas!

So, I offer you this week’s podast, Only a Minnow in a Sea of Whales  in hopes that you will cast aside the minnow mindset and regain your stature as a whale hunter.  What are you doing to regain your company confidence?