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How to Reach Your Contact

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Tamar Weinberg interviewed “influencers” about “how should someone get your attention?”  Thirty-six responses (plus Tamar’s, for thirty-seven total) offer many wise suggestions that are relevant for whale hunters.

In the first stage of your sales process (Scouting), you have developed a targeted list of companies that you would like to do business with.  You may now know anyone at any of those companies, so the next step is to figure out how to get their attention.

When your target is a whale  (big company, big account), cold calling is not likely to get you where you need to go.  Far better to find an introduction through your network of influence.

So in Tamar’s article, you’ll find some really good advice about how these busy influential people respond to requests, what turns them off, and what prompts them to respond.  Even though Tamar talked to people who have a degree of visibility and even fame in their social media networks, their advice is sound for approaching anyone whose attention you seek, whether they are famous or not.

Recommendations from the people in Tamar’s survey fall into two categories–your message and your approach.  Neither of these demands a marketing strategy, sales collateral, or a press release.  It’s actually pretty simple.  Here’s a summary of their advice:

Message:  Know who I am and what typically interests me.  Bring me something worthy of my attention–new info, new knowledge, a new idea, a new product.  Don’t try to sell me anything.  Just explain why I might be interested.  Focus on your idea, not on you or your credentials or your history.

Approach:  Keep it simple.  Keep it short.  Be polite.  Be direct.  Let me know what you want and why you are asking me.

Your sales and business development opportunties will improve as you develop effective ways of reaching key influencers in your industries and communities.  I recommend you read Tamar Weinberg’s article and try some of the influencers’ suggestions in your whale hunting process!

What has been your experience in connecting with influencers?