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Revive the Spirit in Entrepreneurial Spirit

By June 15, 2011July 16th, 2013No Comments

Let’s talk about being hungry. You want this. You want to be successful. Grow your company. Close that deal. Are you motivated? Yes. Inspired? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, some days are better than others. Many entrepreneurs work so hard for so long, soon the “spirit” part of their entrepreneurial spirit is gone. In order to keep it real, sometimes you need a break (hard to admit for workoholics, I know). Just a breather. Renew the sense of purpose with which you started this endeavor. Even taking the smallest moment to get re-energized will help you bring more to the table in your conversations, partnerships and strategy.

I’ve compiled a list of must-watch videos for your viewing pleasure. Get your inspiration on! Do it!

What inspires you? – 30 Second MBA from Fast Company

How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek, TEDTalks

No Excuses – Matt Scott for Nike

The 99% Experience: Insights in Putting Your Ideas into Actions

A special shout out to Tyler Hurst for finding inspiration with The Whale Hunters. Do you have a video or quote that gets you charged up and ready to tackle the day? Share it with us below!