Small Business Growth

How to Use Case Studies to Grow Your Sales

You have stars.  Customers who have used your services and products to great success.  Clients who have had transformational experiences because they did business with you.

You also have prospects.  Companies that may consider doing business with you under the right circumstances.  One of the most important “right circumstances” is the testimonial from a previous or current satisfied customer, a testimonial that demonstrates the positive results they have achieved as a consequence of hiring you.

So how can you bring your prospects and your stars together?  Build your collection of case studies–extended testimonials that focus on outcomes achieved.  Here are a few tips on how to create your case study collection:

  • ask your stars  to help you create their case
  • make it easy for them to contribute–you do the work of creating the case
  • interview your stars or engage a writer, marketing intern, or PR firm to manage the production of case studies
  • create a case study template to highlight your main points of emphasis
  • produce your cases in multiple formats–audio, video, text–consider live interviews in a teleconference or webinar and follow up with a recording
  • promote your stars–place the emphasis on them and their accomplishments
  • make it easy for your prospects to locate case studies on your website and other marketing materials 

You will improve your sales and business growth efforts with a good collection of case studies from satisfied customers.  

How would your sales process be affected by more and better case studies?  I would love to hear your own experiences.