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Build your brand on delivery? Why not!

By October 26, 2013November 20th, 2013No Comments

DeliveryI am a big fan of  the whole  UPS campaign “I love logistics.”  The jingle, the visuals, the actual defining and claiming “logistics” as their own. The way they’ve kept it going for a long time, with fresh new ad episodes. I’ll admit that not everyone loves it–some people find the song maddening and have a lot to say about that. BUT they are still talking about UPS then, aren’t they?

UPS started this campaign with the premise that their company was more than just a way to deliver packages. And then, obviously, conceded that lots of their customers would not know the word “logistics” or what it means, or even if they did, it’s just an abstract concept.

So they embarked on a big educational campaign, in a clever, fun way, that essentially rebranded UPS as the logistics company.

Is your company unique on delivery? Do you deliver faster than your competitors? Do you deliver to more locations? Is your delivery system unique? Or do you offer a bigger range of “delivery” services? Can you deliver with fewer mistakes or provide more options?

“Delivery” doesn’t mean only moving things from one place to another. It might refer to your unique method of presenting your service to customers.

It’s hard to stand out with words like “home delivery” or “next day” delivery or “overnight” delivery and  “free delivery,” although all of those promises are attractive to your customers. But if you are in a market where these practices are NOT common, you might build your brand on them., with its many new distribution centers, can promise delivery TODAY  (Local Express Delivery) on many items in certain markets. So people like me, who want my stuff right away, have a new option that attracts me to amazon.

If you are struggling with your brand promise, have you thought of ways to brand on delivery? I’d love to hear your ideas!