Price Really Doesn’t Matter

Today’s post is a reminder that tomorrow–Tuesday, Sept. 27–I will interview Anthony Iannarino, author of The Sales Blog, about The Commodity Trap: How to Get Out and Stay Out.

If your products and services are not commodities, but your prospective customers are telling you that the lowest price is all that matters, Anthony thinks you are doing things wrong.  He’s the most articulate person I’ve ever heard on this topic of how to avoid becoming a commodity, full of wise, practical advice on specifically how to deal with the price issue.

For example, Anthony recently blogged about your dream client calling with the news that you are among their top three choices, and that they want you the most, but you’re priced higher than the other two.  They want you to discount your price.  Specifically, what should you do?  That’s the kind of situation we’ll be talking about tomorrow.

Listen to The Commodity Trap: How to Get Out and Stay Out.


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