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Generate the Lead–Then What?

By July 9, 2013October 26th, 2013No Comments

ConvrstnThtSell-SquarishAdI’m happy to recommend a new book by my friend and colleague Nancy Bleeke–all about how to have “collaborative conversations” with your prospective customers.

As you know, Whale Hunting is all about collaboration, and the “Hunt” stage is very focused on the nature of the conversation–what we’ve called Progressive Discovery and Progressive Disclosure.

This book will give you much more practical advice  to keep a great conversation going.

Nancy’s written a book that we all need – whether we are new to sales or not, whether we sell to business buyers or consumers. In Conversations That Sell, she shares specific tips, techniques, and tools that you can immediately put to use to ensure your conversations drive sales, strengthen the relationship, and help you meet your quotas.

Not only does Nancy share these ideas in her book, she’s put together valuable FREE resources at the Conversations That Sell site. Take the Do Your Conversations Count Quiz to see if your conversations are as productive as they need to be.  You’ll find valuable free tips following the quiz.

Be sure to read Chapter 4 of Conversations That Sell. It provides you with information on how to communicate and sell with Different Types of buyers more successfully. It matches up nicely with my recommendations regarding the Buyers’ Table.