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Data to Drive Sales Execution Improvements

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Process (2)A new report from CSO Insights is their 2013 Sales Performance Optimization — Sales Execution Analysis.

This research study–19th in CSO’s series–looked at more than 100 metrics and garnered responses from 1200 companies.

Essentially, this piece is a summary of the study, with more detailed information on various metrics available through CSO Insights–industry specific responses, for example.

What always strikes me about the work of CSO Insights is the focus on sales process and the overwhelming data linking a dynamic sales process to sales success. By “dynamic” I mean a process that is clear and specific but that is always being tested and refined. A process from which a company and its sales team can learn and improve.

This kind of process is not a simple –” first meeting — proof of concept — proposal — close” — type of thing. It’s a detailed understanding of what goes on in a complex sale–who is part of the decision-making at each phase. And this report provides some excellent examples of drilling down into process details at that level.

Among the key findings is that most respondents do not have a clear understanding of their customers’ buying process, but also that those who have made it a core competency have shaved a great deal of time from their sales process.

Our clients have greatly improved their ability to close large, complex accounts by implementing The Whale Hunters Process™ into their companies. We can help you translate our nine-phase model of a complex sale into a detailed map of your particular sales process steps–from learning all about your market to selling new business to your existing big customers.

I encourage you to download and study the newest data analysis from CSO Insights and then consider whether whale hunting should be your go-to-market strategy for large accounts. 

Have you had success by improving steps in your sales process? Love to hear about it!