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Learn from a Blue Penguin

By September 18, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments

I am a big fan of Michael Katz who founded Blue Penguin Development.  And not only because he also has an Arctic theme to his company!  (Penguins and whales are friends).

Michael does only one thing, and he does it extremely well–he helps companies make money by producing e-newsletters for their customers.  So it’s not surprising that Michael’s newsletter is very good.

Usually it’s good and also funny.  Michael allows his personality to shine through his newsletter, and he has “a way with words” that is honest and direct.

His current newsletter is about differentiating yourself in the marketplace.  So what?  The twist is that he observes human behavior that makes us want to fit in and to blend in, rather than to differentiate.  So this is different from your run of the mill “differentiate” lecture.

The sale cannot start without a message to your market.  But so many sales and business development messages sound alike!  Biz-speak, jargon, nonsense words substitute for fresh, original language.  Business owners and sales professionals need to work with their marketing team to ensure the message is unique.

Read Tie-Shy Guy and then sign up to receive Michael’s eNewsletter every two weeks, on Friday.  He has great advice for your business–marketing that has a direct powerful effect on sales.   If you need help getting your newsletter started or revitalizing it, I recommend exploring his services.

P.S.  He also hosts ice cream socials, gives away tee shirts, holds open call-in hours, and generally speaking thinks up creative marketing ideas that are simple and inexpensive to implement.