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What’s Your Sandwich Board Offer for 2011?

By January 8, 2011December 29th, 2015No Comments

It’s a new year.  Of course.  But I think this is a special kind of new year, one in which the lousy economy of the past three is finally going to come back strong for small business owners  and their teams.  [more about that in Thursday’s post]

My question to you is this:  is your brand promise ready for economic recovery?  Are you still the same company as you were 3 years ago?  If not, have you updated your brand promise (and perhaps your brand visuals and collateral as well) to reflect the new, leaner, tougher, more value-added you that you became when times got got difficult?  And even if you haven’t changed, what’s happened to your competitors?  What’s their sandwich board message for a new year?  And how about your customers and new prospects?  Do they still want what they wanted in the ways they wanted it three years ago?

I can’t answer those questions for you.  But I can advise you how to engage your team in a deep dive to find those answers for your company and to take specific action steps based on what you learn.