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The Sunday Show–Fighting Barnacles (Don’t Let Them Drag You Down)

By February 20, 2011January 4th, 2016No Comments

Barnacle Covered Driftwood In Marsh

The Sunday Show for today features one of my all-time favorite podcasts–Fighting Barnacles.  I always take a positive view of change, and I tend to be patient with people who need a lot of time in order to embrace new ways of doing business.  After all, if what you’ve been doing has been successful, it’s rational to resist changing it.  Of course, the problem is that everything changes around you, and as you grow you’re a completely different company, so you can’t be successful by simply standing still.  Still, organizational change is hard.

Most of your team will come along with you if you provide a reasonable rationale, defined expectations, clear directions, and lots of discussion and support.  But some people, sometimes, really work against your best efforts to steer your ship in a new direction.

In this week’s podcast, I have some fun defining the various kinds of “barnacles” that can slow down your boat–how you can recognize them and how to get rid of them.  It’s a whale hunting version of “getting the wrong people off the bus.”

So, here’s my thought for you for the week ahead–fight those barnacles!