Case Studies

Learning from Customers

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You know, the more time I spend with customers the more I learn about how to improve The Whale Hunters business development processes and training.  It’s the constant real-world, real-market testing that proves the concepts.

And prospective clients always ask me, what is your evidence that the process works?  Have you ever worked with a company like ours?  What has happened to your clients as a result of implementing the Whale Hunters process and culture?

To that end, in March we conducted a series of video-captured interviews with several clients in Phoenix.  Text-based transcripts of these interviews are now available on our website, with video montages soon to come.

I think you’ll find them inspirational and motivational!  True, they’re about the Whale Hunters process, and they are clients of ours.  But more important, you’ll read a series of stories about small business success as a consequence of deliberately deciding to become whale hunters!

Click through to access these stories here.  And many thanks to AIR Marketing, Terralever, and Sitewire for taking the time to describe how whale hunting is influencing their growth patterns.

We’d love to hear your whale hunting story, in print or audio!  I invite you to respond.