Small Business Growth

Grow Your Business

What are your business growth strategies?

You can attempt to grow above your market’s rate of growth in four ways: 

  • enter a new market with your current products/services
  • bring a new product or service to the market
  • acquire another firm
  • sell current products/services into a well-defined current market of much bigger clients

Whale Hunting happens in the fourth option above.  The other three strategies are expensive, speculative, and culturally problematic.

So how do you adopt the fourth option?  

  1. Build a rational sales process around a targeted list of new “whales”
  2. Use a “6 degrees of separation” strategy to get in the door
  3. Build a cross-functional team who know how to particpate appropriately in the sales process

There’s more “how to” in our book Whale Hunting–if you haven’t read it you mght reconsider–link is in the right sidebar of the blog!

If your business has grown rapidly, will you share with this group a few key strategies?  THANKS  [In advance !]