Women in Business

Women Lead

Women Entrepreneurs.  Women Business Owners.  Women in Small Business.  

We are entering the entrepreneurial market in record numbers!  We are owners, we are CEOs, we are business development managers and sales VPs.

In short, we are deal makers!

Do you think women have any special qualities to recommend us as owners and leaders?

I do.  I think that today’s economy runs on cooperation, collaboration, and strategic alliances.  As opposed to the last century “military-industrial complex” that ran on competition and war-making.

If I’m right, women need NOT to be more like we perceive men to be as leaders.  Decisive.  Ruthless.  In Charge.  We need, instead, to nurture and practice our preferred ways of working.  Here are three qualities that I believe most women leaders exhibit:

  • Team building.  We nurture leaders within our organization and encourage them to practice consensus management.
  • Mentoring.  We generously teach the next generation of leaders what they need to know and to do to be successful.
  • Empathy.  We are extraordinarily good at seeing the world through the lens of another.  This gift enables us to be exceptional  mothers, sisters, friends, employers, teachers, and mentors. 

What do you think?  Do women have any specific and/or exceptional leadership characteristics?