Business Deals

Anatomy of a Successful Whale Deal

I interviewed Jim McClure, CEO of Arizona Color, a vehicle wrap and graphics firm, about how his company landed their first national brand account,  It’s a great story about the ways in which Whale Hunting is transforming Arizona Color and the way they do business.

Jim’s high points include: 

  • everyone in his company now thinks of themselves as having a business development role
  • Arizona Color has built an installation network with certified installation partners in every state and Canada, capable of supporting any national deals that they acquire
  • they have restructured, grown, and moved to a bigger facility all in a matter of months but have not yet added any more employees
  • as a consequence of the first national deal, less than 5 months later his team brought a second national deal to the table, which they are already able to implement
  • his presentation to Baskin-Robbins benefited tremendously from advice Jim received from his Whale Hunters chapter peers

Listen to this audio here.