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Start Your Week With Simple Sales Ideas

By February 7, 2011January 4th, 2016No Comments

Portrait of young businesswoman showing sales graph against gray background

At The Whale Hunters, we focus on helping small businesses grow through company-wide sales process. We don’t often talk just about sales skill or tactics for individuals (that’s not really what we do). There are huge businesses to help individuals with sales technique, but I’ve always found some of the best business advice can come from good friends and mentors. As a fan of small-scale crowdsourcing, I recently asked a group of my friends (all young entrepreneurs) for the best sales advice they had ever received. Here are some of their answers (a few humorous):

  1. Deliver value.
  2. Build the relationship for life, not just for the sale.
  3. Coffee is for closers.
  4. People buy for emotional reasons and justify with logical ones.
  5. Aim to give.
  6. Listen more than you speak.
  7. Solve problems rather than sell products.
  8. Always Be Closing.
  9. Ask the right questions, such as “Visa or Mastercard?”

All of these were great ideas.

What’s my short and sweet advice? Do your research. Invest the time to know everything there is to know about a prospect and their company (don’t become a stalker). It will pay off in huge dividends.

Sometimes it just takes a small, quick reminder to get us started for the week ahead. What sales advice can you share with us? We’d love to hear from you.