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Whale Hunting Practice #2: Create a Culture for Fast Growth

By October 15, 2009October 31st, 2018No Comments
When a company makes a deliberate move to accelerate its growth, the need is to move very fast on that path.  When you go after bigger customers and bigger deals, you attract new competition that has not bothered with you before.  You are at risk if you are not making rapid progress.

One way to manage that risk is to be certain that your entire organization is prepared to move fast–not just the sales team or the whale hunting boat, but all of the leadership, operations, and customer support as well.  The goal is not just to sell to the whale but to service the account at a high level of excellence and according to the time frame that you promised.

A fast-growth culture has some key requirements:

  • everyone believes that they are responsible for business development
  • work habits reinforce speed of decision-making and action
    • at every level people are empowered to make good decisions
    • there are good tools for fast collaboration without busy work
    • leaders set the example of fast-growth habits
  • reward and recognition foster efficient, effective collaborative behaviors
  • resources are allocated fairly to support new work required by new sales

Are you ready for a period of accelerated growth?