The Whale Hunters Services: Consulting
Industry: Construction and Renovation
Goal: To win a deal to sustain the healthcare business unit at Jokake
Employees: 79

Jokake ConstructionTHE CHALLENGE:

Like all construction companies, Jokake was facing a challenge during the recession. They recognized that if they didn’t look at markets differently, they would go through a dry spell. Jokake initially didn’t have a well-defined target for prospects, and many of their leads were hit and miss.  At the time, Jokake was a $50 – $60 million company with aspirations of reaching $160 million by 2015. With this goal in mind, they realized the need to go after larger companies and win larger accounts. They needed to define their ocean, unify, and motivate their teams towards a big goal: landing a whale.

As the construction industry crashed with the economy, the opportunities became more and more limited. Jokake soon realized that some of the bigger construction companies were coming to play in their sandbox. Fortunately, Jokake had taken a proactive approach with The Whale Hunters in identifying their target filter before their competitors could, leaving the competition behind to play catch-up.


Rudy Kolich, former Director of Healthcare at Jokake, remarks that he had “read everything about marketing and selling,” and that The Whale Hunters was a unique business solution that “went right to the heart of everything.” The Whale Hunters Process™ was the comprehensive vehicle to success that would enable Jokake to achieve their big revenue goals.

The first step in starting their new journey was to place special emphasis on the Scouting stage. With the help of The Whale Hunters, Jokake developed target filters that focused on three areas – national healthcare, rural health care, and ambulatory surgery centers.  Then they shifted their focus to their largest prospect – a national healthcare client.

Jokake had completed some small projects with their target national healthcare client, totaling between $3 and $5 million. They saw an opportunity with The Whale Hunters Process™ to turn this relationship into something larger.


Jokake focused their energy on building a relationship with the national healthcare client. In addition to their own research, the construction company engaged a sub-contractor who worked in the federal government environment and helped Jokake understand the requirements under federal procurement. Working with The Whale Hunters, Jokake was able to put forth the best possible RFP response through a team effort.


Jokake was victorious in landing the approx. $40 million bid with this prospect and are confident that their work with the national healthcare client is an integral stepping stone on the path to a successful future. By identifying their target filter and establishing key relationships with the help of The Whale Hunters, Jokake ensured between $25-$40 million of work with this national healthcare business– a significant accomplishment compared to the $12 million that comprised Jokake’s entire healthcare  division a mere twenty four months previously!

Jokake Construction had such a great success in applying the Whale Hunters Process ™ that they are now working on implementing it throughout each market sector of their business. In fact, Jokake’s work with this national healthcare client and health sector alone may lead the revenue stream in 2011. With the successful implementation of The Whale Hunters Process™, Jokake is sure to continue on their path of growth and prosperity to reach their 2015 revenue target.