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Is Your Brand Promise Clear?

By June 22, 2013December 17th, 2015No Comments

ClarityA few days ago we had an air conditioning company come to the house for a seasonal check-up of our system. The guy who came out was polite and seemed knowledgeable and thorough, and after his inspection he told us about the few things that should be repaired or replaced. And, he said, since our units were still under warranty, those parts would be at discounted prices, except for one for which the warranty had been voided by a previous repair person. But perhaps he could get the warranty reinstated.

Then he told us the price for his service call and for the recommended parts. And then he said, “BUT,” if we join a service club it would only cost a lesser amount yada yada yada. Get the picture? By now we are thoroughly confused.

What do these people do? Do they actually show up and repair air conditioners and furnaces, or do they run a club for homeowners? And how do they charge for their services? And how would we know?

Whatever you promise to your customers that differentiates you from your competitors needs to be clear and simple. Even if it’s complex, find the language or illustration or process chart that provides complete clarity to your prospects. You may think that adding this bonus or subtracting this rebate or offering an alternate way to purchase the service adds value to your customers. But most often, it only adds confusion and makes you seem unsure of what you are selling. Is the value in the deal or in the service? If it’s a good service, why would I need a deal? And what does the deal have to do with the service?

Clarity makes more sense.