Business Development Strategy


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Oh how we love to tout our services!  Typically as we plan to introduce ourselves to a whale we are focused on us–our mission, our products and services, our value proposition.   But of course the prospects hear that every day from lots of channels and broadcasters.

What if we are all about discovery?  Asking the whale about their business development issues, their needs, their aspirations?  I guarantee if they do all the talking they will believe that you completely understand them!  And I don’t mean just asking about their pain–I mean asking about their vision and their uncertainty about how to attain it.

Just think about what your market approach would look like if on the first visit you simply asked great questions and attended to the answers. What if you position as a thought leader conducting a knowledge-based interview of your prospect’s big ideas, those ideas that they are uncomfortable taking forward for fear of rejection
It’s easy to talk about strategies or tactics to put the customer first.  But often we are more attuned to the message WE have to convey

For some great examples about tailoring your approach to your client’s profiles, check out

We would love to highlight your approaches to the initial conversation–do you have great discovery tactics to share