Best Buy Customer Service Fiasco–Lessons Learned?

Larry and I have recently moved to Scottsdale, AZ, into a leased fully furnished condo.  We have great landlords, who are friends of ours, but who live in Indiana.

Several weeks ago we had trouble with a stackable washer/dryer.  The washer did not shut off at the end of the cycle; rather, it restarted and began adding new water.  We called a repair service amd learned that the washer had a bad timer, which would cost $300 to replace.

Our landlords decided they would prefer to purchase a new unit.  They located a replacement Maytag unit from Best Buy in Phoenix.  They purchased the unit.  They were promised a delivery date of June 5.  The landlords also arranged for a mover to take 20-30 boxes that they want to relocate out of the condo.  Then at a cost of $1000 in plane tickets, plus hotel space, they came to Phoenix to oversee the installation of the new washer/dryer and the move of their boxed-up personal effects.

Fiasco #1:  Best Buy had sold the unit that they purchased.  New delivery date, June 17.  No recourse because Best Buy cannot find a replacement Maytag unit.

Fiasco #2:  Movers do not come; the partial load was to accompany a larger load, which had to be rescheduled.  No recourse.  No offer to move and store–simply no recourse.

Fast forward to June 17, promised delivery date for the new Maytag washer/dryer. Larry and I are now occupying the condo.  After several phone calls, we learn that the unit will be delivered between 2 pm and 4 pm on the 17th.

Fiasco #3:  Finally arrives after 4:30 pm, several phone calls later.  Guys are in a big hurry.  Move furniture, take old unit out, bring new unit in, install, leave without replacing furniture, cleaning up mess, or even closing door.  They leave no invoice, receipt, nothing.  No phone numbers, who to call if we have problems etc. 

Fiasco #4:  Thusday night, we try our first load of laundry in our new Maytag washer/dryer.  Washer doesn’t work — tun it on, no sound, no water.  It’s now after hours at Best Buy so no talking to anyone.

Fiasco #5:  Friday  morning, after a rash of phone calls between the landlord, Best Buy, the Best Buy installation service, and us–bottom line is they cannot get someone to us today.  Yesterday, they delivered and installed an appliance that does not work.  But today they cannot accommodate us for service!

Fiasco #6:  Eventually we get a service commitment for Saturday.  We and Best Buy assume the install team failed to provide power or water to the washer.  Service person arrives (on time) Saturday, and discovers there is a problem with the washer.  It has a bad water valve, which is why it doesn’t work.  He can get us a new water valve in about a week.

So, we had a washer that worked–as long as we monitored the end of the cycle–and now we have a new, expensive washer that does not work.  Spent a few hours today at a laundromat.

Best Buy has offered us a replacement part that cannot be delivered and installed within one week’s time.  We have said–we don’t want a brand new unit that needs a replacement part on delivery.

so, Maytag, we are returning your inferior product.  We will purchase a different brand.

And Best Buy, we will purchase that brand from another appliance dealer.

And movers–when you schedule a pick up, you need to pick up the stuff!  If your plans have changed, store it for a few days until you can make it work.

What does this have to do with Whale Hunting?  Here’s what:

  • Whoever you are, whatever services/products you provide–deliver what you promise.
  • Deliver it WHEN you promised it.
  • Whatever goes wrong, fix it.
  • Fix it today, not tomorrow or next week.
  • Take responsibility for what goes wrong and offer compensation.
  • Do not assume that you have expendable customers.

Happy hunting!


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