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How to Audit Your Brand Promise

By June 23, 2010December 30th, 2015No Comments

The current  Whale Hunters Wisdom newsletter features our new article, “How to Audit Your Brand Promise”.

We present our method to help your team clearly differentiate your company’s message to market.  Most brand promises are not differentiators at all, but rather standard assertions that every competitor makes in its sales and marketing materials and on its website.

Here’s one example from a review of call centers:
–We are a partner with you

–We react quickly to changes.

–We promise excellent service.

–Our product/service is cost effective.

–We have a courteous, well-trained staff.

–Our processes are certified.

–Our company is an industry leader.

–We exceed your expectations.

–We are ROI-driven.

–We deliver on time and on budget.

These statements, from multiple companies, all sound alike! The Brand Audit will teach you how to understand your unique capabilities and state them in a compelling way.

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