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We deliver Whale Hunting programs both onsite at your facility (or nearby) or in virtual formats.  At a workshop, your team builds whale hunting tools, translating our model into your company’s unique map. We document your work and follow-up with review and refinement.

Introductory program components are described below. Companies sometimes start with a focus on Scout and Hunt. They get that system in place and then implement more on the Harvest end, improving customer service and learning how to sell more to their existing clients. We design your program to meet the size and scope of your needs.


  • The Whale Hunters Story™ –The Inuit Whale Hunters, basis of the metaphor
  • Company Culture– Comparison of Inuit culture to your company’s culture
  • The Whale Hunters Process™–  Phases, roles, and responsibilities
  • The Business Development Index– Baseline to measure results


  • The Brand Promise Audit– Compare your brand promise to competitors
  • Target Filter– Criteria and metrics to define ideal customers
  • The Buyers’ Table– Locate and understanding buyers/influencers
  • Whale Fears– Determine what big-deal buyers fear about you
  • Fear Busters– Identify tangible materials to alleviate fears


  • The Whale Chart—Current Targets
  • Progressive Discovery and Disclosure– Design all steps in your sales process map
  • Launch the Boat—Meeting Plans
  • Manage the Hunt– Key Account Planning
  • Power Your Boat– How to teach and involve subject matter experts
  • The Big Show/The Road Show—Make key presentations


For smaller companies

Implementation Coaching: A four-month program with your leadership team to implement The Whale Hunters Process™ as a management system into your company.