Entrepreneurs Fuel American Economy

We’re probably in for a long haul on the economic downturn.  And clearly a lot of individuals, families, and businesses will suffer.  So I want to talk about– what would fuel a recovery?

Frankly, I don’t see government having the vision or capability.  We continue to have a core of blue-chip American companies that will only get stronger, but we’ll continue to see weakness in the bureaucratic sector.

If we get down to American basics–we are an entrepreneurial economy.  For almost 400 years, we have attracted innovators who bucked conventional wisdom to achieve autonomy, wealth, self-actualization and other freedoms.  Occasionally the entrepreneurs invent a new big deal that becomes a hugely successful company–what the Whale Hunters call a “whale.”  But when the economy tanks, the whales need to retrench–and the whale-wannabees spring into action.

My readers–you–are the whale wannabees–the founders, owners, executives of small to midsized businesses that are poised to thrive in this economy.  Throughout American history, small business has driven innovation and economic strength.  In the coming months, this economy must look to entrepreneurs to drive a recovery.

So, we’re looking to you–and to me–the women business owners, the founders and leaders of up-and-coming new businesses, the inventors, the innovators–to hone our whale hunting skills, to hire new employees, to grow our businesses fast, to take the lead in economic recovery.

Right now any number of companies are poised for extraordinary growth and success in 2009.  What would your plans look like if you assumed you were one of them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


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