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About “Why You Need a Back-Up Plan”

By April 15, 2010December 29th, 2015No Comments
The Whale Hunters Certified Partner Loretta Love Huff is president of Emerald Harvest Consulting and chapter leader for a Whale Hunters Executive Chapter in Phoenix AZ.

Loretta recently had an experience that all entrepreneurs dread–her computer crashed.  If you lead a larger company, perhaps you have an on site IT team who manages your data.  [which, by the way, can still crash!]  Even so, Loretta raises the question, “Do you have a back-up plan for your back-up plan?”

How does this relate to your business growth plan?  If your technology is out of business for a day, a week, or several weeks–if your time is spent on the phone with help desk personnel instead of with your team or customers or prospects–if you cannot access your email or document files–that is more than maddening and frustrating.

It is costing you money and setting you behind on your fast growth plan.

I have heard from three other associates just in the past ten days who experienced major setbacks from the failure or theft of computer equipment.  Loretta has some great advice for how to manage the aftermath to your advantage.