The Whale Hunting System

delivered to your team

in multiple formats.

We deliver Whale Hunting programs both onsite at your facility (or nearby) or in virtual formats.  At the workshops, your team builds whale hunting tools, translating our model into your company’s unique map. We document your work, and in between meetings with your team we help you review and refine until components are ready to use.

When the pieces are in place and the steps are ready, we work with you remotely to implement your Whale Hunting Process. We can deliver all of our services virtually for teams that are dispersed throughout the world, through live, online workshops or through distance learning courses. Many formats are possible to meet your objectives.

The Whale Hunting System

We begin with a focus on Scout and Hunt. Once that system is in place, you will learn to implement more on the Harvest end, improving customer service and selling more new business to your existing clients. We design your program to meet the size and scope of your needs.


We start with The Whale Hunters Story™ , the story of the Inuit Whale Hunters, the basis of the metaphor. The story leads to Company Culture, a comparison of Inuit culture to your company’s culture. We introduce The Whale Hunters Process™– phases, roles, and responsibilities. Your team completes The Business Development Index, and we report your baseline to measure results.


We begin with The Brand Promise Audit, comparing your brand promise to those of your competitors. You’ll create your  Target Filter, the criteria and metrics to define ideal customers. (We conduct the necessary research or train your scout team). Next is The Buyers’ Table, how to locate and understand buyers and influencers. You’ll discover Whale Fears,  as your team determines what big-deal buyers fear about you, and create Fear Busters, identifying tangible materials that you have or can build to alleviate fears.


Next we build The Whale Chart, a list of ideal Current Targets. Using Progressive Discovery and Disclosure, we’ll help you design all steps in your sales process map. Then you’ll learn how to Launch the Boat and create Meeting Plans, Manage the Hunt with Key Account Planning, and  Power Your Boat by  teaching and involving subject matter experts. You’ll learn The Big Show and The Road Show–how to make awesome key presentations.


At this stage we address Negotiations—how to handle new kinds of contract expectations,and build your  Onboarding Plan, a fail-safe process to bring the new customer in house. The Search for Ambergris program addresses New Business with your Current Accounts , and our Global Accounts program covers Managing Your Multinationals.


Throughout our engagement we deal with Tools—review and refine all tools created during workshops. We work on Processes—building whale hunting processes into your processes.  We help you build a System—integrating The Whale Hunters Process™ into your Management—making sure it all works  together, seamlessly.


Implementation Coaching is intense work with leadership to implement The Whale Hunters Process™ as a management system into your company. Deal Coaching is intense work with a team that is pursuing a specific whale. Contact us for details.


Special components of the Whale Hunters System may include any of the following.

Sales and Marketing Pre-Assessment

The Whale Hunters Business Development Index

Key Account Planning

Deal Coaching

Key Account Management

Growing Global Accounts