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Get a Grip on Email

By July 22, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments

If you’re like most business owners and executives, you don’t exercise enough control over your time.  And you probably find email taking up more time than ever, and more time than it is worth.  In fact, if you keep your email application open, or your Blackberry or iPhone in receive mode, you may be allowing email to determine the course of your day.

There’s a new book out devoted to time management with a big emphasis on reducing distraction:  Time Management in an Instant by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey. To buy the book go to:

While email is the most widely used communication tool for business, its remote nature– which eliminates tone of voice and body language–presents a huge potential for mischief, misunderstanding and misinterpretation. This online program will help you go beyond basic email etiquette, to the proven principles and practices for gaining mastery and saving time over your electronic mail box.

Leland and Bailey are the bestselling authors of six books and are the co-founders of Sterling Consulting Group, which helps organizations and individuals learn how to fight distraction and find their focus in a wired world. For more information please contact: