Small Business Growth

Finding Ambergris

By August 25, 2008December 29th, 2015No Comments

“Ambergris” — that priceless, elusive substance inside a whale that equates to new, better, and more rewarding business with an existing key account.

Business growth multiplies when you mine current customers for new opportunities while also developing new sales to new customers.

Here’s how to start:  bring together all of your key people who interact with this whale–those who sell, those who deliver, those who service.  Systematically discover your shared knowledge about the customer.

I call it Seeing Through the FOG–fact, opinion, gossip–to learn what knowledge you share.  It’s a humbling yet powerful experience to discover how much you know together that you don’t share in any formal setting.

If you are a small to midsize company doing business with a whals, chances are good the whale has you positioned in a small niche–and it’s hard to break out of that llittle room.  How good is your team at growing your business with current accounts?  Would love to hear a case!