Jokake Construction

Construction companies in particular were feeling the pressure in the economic recession, and Jokake Construction was no exception. As construction opportunities became more and more limited and competition between companies intensified, Jokake realized the need to strategize and land a big client. After researching best methods on how to market and sell, Jokake Construction moved forward with a “unique business solution” that, as former Director of Healthcare remarks, “went right to the heart of everything” – The Whale Hunters. Learn how The Whale Hunters enabled Jokake to land a $40 million target client.



Arizona Color

As local competition heated up, the CEO of Arizona Color, Jim McClure, found his company with a long list of small customers that it was fighting to keep. Jim was determined to find a way to build his business beyond the local arena and garner bigger customers for bigger deals and repeat business.  Learn how Arizona Color was able to “think big, act different” as a result of joining The Whale Hunters and ultimately land a national brand. Read the case study.



Savor Indiana

At dinner celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, Marla Williams asked her husband Greg what he’d like to do for the next 25 years of their married life. Greg thought for a minute then said, “I’ve always wanted to produce a television series.” Tapping into the growing trends of “foodies,” local markets, and family time, Greg and Marla mapped out a solid plan for the show’s pilot and soon found an organization interested in sponsoring it. But the team’s biggest challenge was still to come: how to fund the series in a sustainable manner. Learn how The Whale Hunters helped this production company secure major sponsors for this television series.



Avocet Communications

Growth at Avocet Communications had been flat and the marketing budgets of their clients were shrinking. That was before Avocet co-founder, Lori Jones attending a Whale Hunters workshop and read Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company. Within a month, the company had worked through several of the Whale Hunting steps: they redefined their target industries, assessed their own strengths, clarified their offerings, identified specific targets, and packaged up their unique selling proposition for mid-sized and large accounts. It wasn’t long before the sales pipeline grew healthy again, and the company had secured solid leads with a number of whales and many other clients on the hook. Learn more by reading the full success story.



Professional Solutions

Winning a bid from the Marine Corps. was an ideal target for Professional Solutions (ProSol). When the Marines issued a large training and intelligence request for proposal (RFP) with only 12 days to respond, ProSol was already armed with months of training from The Whale Hunters. ProSol decided to strengthen their chances of winning by asking The Whale Hunters® to train their staff in a strong RFP response and capture process. Read on to learn how The Whale Hunters improved the quality and objectivity of the winning response.



Sitewire Marketspace Solutions

When Sitewire was introduced to The Whale Hunters®, they had large aspirations, but their actions were not in sync to make those goals happen. With The Whale Hunter Process™ in place, Sitewire experienced tremendous success. In 2009, Sitewire experienced the most dramatic growth they have seen since the company’s inception – all despite the economic turndown most companies were experiencing during this time.Learn more about how Sitewire engaged The Whale Hunters to land whales.