• The Whale Hunters Services: RFP Workshops, Consulting, Proposal Writing
  • Industry:  Training, Intelligence, and IT Support Services
  • Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
  • Goal:  To win an RFP bid to support the United States government by providing national security solutions.

Professional Solutions


ProSol’s work with their Marine Corps client was expected to come under a re-compete, and ProSol identified the contract as a “must-win.”


The Marine Corps opportunity attracted numerous large competitors. Additionally, in order to identify a contractor with the ability to quickly react, develop, create, and implement operational languages and culture training at any time, the Marine Corps set the RFP response deadline only 12 days from the date the proposal was issued.


ProSol decided to strengthen their chances of winning by asking The Whale Hunters® to train their staff in a strong RFP response and capture process. Nearly nine months before the expected RFP release, The Whale Hunters delivered a private workshop to ProSol staff on “How to Win with an RFP.” The workshop focused on how ProSol could position themselves over the next eight months to maximize their chances of winning the work. Immediately after the workshop, ProSol implemented and diligently followed The Whale Hunters’ seven skills of a high-performing team:

  • Commitment to Leadership
  • Process
  • Schedule
  • Teamwork
  • Winning
  • Expertise
  • Learning

Immediately before the RFP release, The Whale Hunters delivered a second private workshop to dive deeper into the RFP response process and to explore winning proposal themes and strategies. The Whale Hunters also provided consulting services throughout the bidding process. Barbara Weaver Smith, President of The Whale Hunters, was personally engaged from the start of the RFP response process through bid submission. She took part in the daily stand-up meetings, and worked around the clock to help write the bid.


Diligent implementation of The Whale Hunters’ RFP Process and the addition of The Whale Hunters as a virtual team member throughout the bid process improved the quality and objectivity of the RFP response, and ProSol emerged as the winning contractor. Today, ProSol continues to use The Whale Hunters Process™ for its business development efforts.