Big Growth Summit Meeting

Ebusiness concept illustrated with people doing activity in futuristic virtual world.

Unsurprisingly, nearly all of the sales conferences and trade shows scheduled after March 2020 have been cancelled, postponed, or turned into virtual meetings. Several months passed with lots of webinars but very little at a larger scale.

The Whale Hunters decided that the best thing we could do for our clients and other business leaders is to fill that gap by producing a virtual conference ourselves. Which we’ve done! And in the planning process, I did some research and uncovered a few others between now and year’s end.  

So here goes.  In chronological order, I recommend to you six great conference opportunities for new ideas, great speakers, and camaraderie focused on sales and related topics.

Big Growth Summit – August 25-26

Go beyond survival mode! The Big Growth Summit is a new online conference for business leaders who are navigating the fallout from economic disruption and ready for new opportunities to reimagine your company. Focus on sales, marketing and business development with a world class speaker lineup, continuous chat and Q&A with presenters, plus live video meet-ups and discussion sessions with other participants and speakers. All sessions online for registrants for six months. Produced by The Whale Hunters.

Inbound 2020 – September 22-23

INBOUND's digital experience (and thus content catalog) will be different from years past. From international friendly time zone-based sessions and audio-only sessions when your eyes need a break, to Speaker office hours for 1:1 mentorship, we've got content for multiple styles of learning. In addition to our new sessions, you'll see that INBOUND classics you've come to love like Spotlight, Breakout, and Deep Dives remain.

ATD Sell – October 12-15

ATD’s SELL Conference is a 4-day virtual event that will focus on learning and leadership approaches to equip you with the tools needed to evolve your sales enablement practice. Come to engage with other like-minded, internal practitioners and subject matter experts on practical ways and best practices to take your organization to the next level. The topics and content will span several areas of expertise and competencies within the ATD World- Class Sales Competency Model.

Showpad’s Transform – October 1-2

The world’s largest sales enablement conference is going virtual. Transform 2020 is all about elevating enablement.

Digital Sales and Marketing World – November 30 – December 2
Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut’s largest event for marketing, sales and leadership teams. Industry disrupting workshops, immersive breakout summits, inspiring keynotes and endless networking opportunities.

Sales Hacker Success Summit – December 4-11

The Sales Hacker Success Summit will provide the tools you need to build your 2021 sales strategy to start the year on the right foot. Stay tuned for updated registration information for the 2020 event.

So there you have it. The later conferences will offer more information before long, so check back later to learn more. And be sure to take advantage of some outstanding professional development opportunities while you’re gearing up to kick off a new year that’s got to be better than this one.